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This portfolio I've been assembling for a few years now. The oil paintings and charcoal I created whilst attending Monmouth University for Fine Arts. The drawings have been more recent as I've been creating characters for a potential book. View and enjoy.


I am also a large-format photographer. Some of my work can be found here: The site is a bit out-of-date technologically, so if you have any issues with it, please let me know. A new version of this site will be coming soon...

Music and Composition

I've been performing live and composing music for over twenty years. I play guitar, bass, drums and sing and currently work as a substitute guitarist for the following bands: Black Tie Boogie, The Fuzzpops, Total Soul, Mission Dance and Generation Next. I write and record music with the band Shutterwax. Listen and enjoy.


I attempt to catalogue my thoughts and processes via this blog. It's a new blog as I've left my older ones behind. I like's format and ease of use. I will probably stick with this one for a while. Read and enjoy.


I've recently taken a position with Hellbomb reviewing artists and their music under the pseudonym Blastcap Farouche. You can find and read these literary gems here at Let Blastcap know what you think!


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Sites I've created for myself and others

Jeffrey Brayne, Web UI Developer

Can you resist the charms of this guy?

Resume of Sorts

I've been developing websites for 10+ years and have been ardently striving to achieve 100% standards compliance. I've worked with everything from C++ to Dojo to Java to jQuery. I am well-versed in all modern web-technologies and strive to be atop of all emerging standards and techniques. I am waiting patiently for IE9 to arrive so I can stop hacking my sites to get them to work. I pray to the webgods to please be benevolent in steering microsoft...

Currently I've immersed myself fully into creating mobile-device compliant html5/css3 websites, this being the first. It seems to work. I am fastidiously reading and practicing as many of the html5/css3 techniques as I can handle. It's all coming together. I am happy. Take a look at this on an iPad or iPhone. Let me know if it works!